Five design rules to live by.


No one likes to live with rules but rules create structure, balance and continuity to life around us.

Here are five design rules to make your space and it’s inhabitants happy campers.

1. Cut out the clutter. This is obvious but it needs to be said.  If you want to approach a magazine worthy looking space then stacks of mail, kids toys and gym equipment need to be put away.

2. Stick to a color palette. Choose 2-3 colors as a base to work with. Sticking to your color palette will create harmony in your space.

3. Create contrasts. Contrasts in color, size or texture add interest to a room.

4. Don’t buy everything at once. Build your space over time. Our tastes change and evolve. Shouldn’t your room too?

5. Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes design is just trial and error.